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At Valatron, we provide software solutions to both small businesses and large global companies who value our high quality work and client support. Creating quality software is not just about delivering on time, we are committed to achieve the best possible client experience throughout all stages of the project, including project delivery. Our expert team consists of highly experienced developers and support members in key positions to ensure this commitment to client experience is achieved for all projects.

It is important for us to provide full service to all customers. Our experience across many complex projects has allowed our team to achieve a high level of know-how, experience and skill in a number of areas and technologies that we continue to use and constantly develop. We can develop an application from scratch starting with database design, implementing a scalable back-end capable of operating in the cloud to connecting to a fully responsive SPA or mobile application.

.net, angular, react, node JS, Ios, Android, Python, Xamarin. azure, docker,

We monitor and follow the latest development trends. We use cutting-edge technologies in our projects, including Artificial Intelligence in Product Referral Systems, Machine Learning for early detection of defective components and the Internet of Things to predict failures in industrial equipment. We use Blockchain to optimize supply chains as well as reduce costs in the finance sector in banking transactions or securities trading. We also work with Big Data to help analyze and evaluate trends in manufacturing, logistics and tourism.

Artificial inteligence

Artificial Intelligence

machine learning

Machine learning

internet of things

Internet of Things



BIg data

Big Data

Custom Development Solutions

We deliver a complete turnkey solution covering all stages of the project lifecycle, from planning, analysis, design, implementation to testing, deployment and integration, followed by system maintenance. We are able to develop both “waterfall” with fixed input and price at the start of the project, as well as agile development with ongoing client information at regular intervals. We offer both delivery with our own project management and also the possibility of involving our dedicated team in the client's internal structures under the direction of the project team.

We develop applications across all platforms. We have extensive web information systems experience. We also deliver mobile applications developed both natively for iOS platforms and Android, as well as cross-platform Xamarin solutions. We can implement easily scalable and powerful systems running in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. We also develop comprehensive desktop solutions in industrial manufacturing where integration of embedded systems and hardware, including various types of switchboards and detectors, is a major concern.

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We have significant project experience in the industrial sectors including automotive, engineering, petrochemical, oil and energy. We carry out extensive projects for banking institutions and insurance companies and are working on large systems in the areas of logistics, goods and tourism, where unification and aggregation of large amounts of data is necessary. In the area of ​​e-commerce, together with a sophisticated strategy of marketing and advertising in search engines, we create solutions that significantly increase revenue. We participate in the development of applications for multinational telecommunications companies

Průmysl 4.0

Industry 4.0

Bankovnictví, pojišťovnictví

Banking and insurance












Systems Integration

We connect separate information systems or add functionality to existing solutions implemented by other vendors. We are performing modernization and upgrades of these systems so that they do not become obsolete in time and allow the addition of new functionalities required by the client.

Training and consultation

Our specialists provide professional training and consultation for both corporate teams and individuals. It is possible to choose from pre-prepared courses or to create an individual course tailored to the current needs and technologies used with respect to performance requirements and operating costs of the project and client.

Outsourcing IT Experts

We build agile teams with the ability to scale to meet client needs. We have capacity for all roles needed during the full project lifecycle, such as analysts, project managers, SCRUM masters, architects, UI / UX designers, BE / FE developers and testers.

business Accelerator

We help start-ups to realize their ideas and launch them successfully. We provide feasibility studies, consultation on appropriate technology selection and financial planning. In some cases, we are also directly involved in the development of a given product or service.


We will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your project and provide an offer for our services.